Registration Dates for 146 PMA Long Course

Registration Dates for 146 PMA Long Course has been Announced. Pakistan Army has announced registration dates for 146 PMA Long Course. It’s an opportunity for self-less defenders of our nation to join Pakistan Army through 146 PMA long Course. Pakistan Army is one of the best armies in the world. It’s a wish of every Pakistani to serve his country through Pakistan army because of their honesty, discipline and love for their country. Their recruitment process in divided in two main parts initial test and ISSB test. Initial test and ISSB tests are further divided into many parts which we will discuss later in this post. Registration dates for 146 PMA long Course has been announced;

146 PMA Long Course Registration Dates:

Last date to apply for 146 PMA long course is 8th May 2020. No applications will be acceptable after due date.

How to Apply for 146 PMA Long Course:

Candidate willing to apply for 146 PMA long Course can apply online. IF YOU WANT TO APPLY ONLINE For 146 PMA Long Course CLICK HERE


  • AGE
1 Intermediate 17-22 Relax able for three months both upper and lower age.
2 Graduates(2 years) and serving PN/PAF personnel 17-23
3 Graduates with 4 years graduation program (BS/BA(HON)/ BBA / BPA) 17-24
4 Serving Army Solders 17-25



Unmarried (Married serving personnel of the Armed Forces over 20 years of age are eligible).


Pakistani (if you have any other nationality you have to sacrifice after selection).

  1. Minimum Height –     5ft 4inches (162.5cm)
  2. Weight –     As per BMI
  1. Minimum 60 % marks in FA/FSc and equivalent.
  2. Candidates who secure 60% marks or above in BA / BSc, BA / BSc (Hons) and BBA / BPA, with 50% marks in FA / FSc are eligible for PMA Long Course.
  1. 55%marks required for those who belongs to special areas which includes Balolchistan, FATA, Gilgit-Baltistan, District Neelum Azad Jammu Kashmir, District Kohistan, Chitral, Dir, Tehsil Bala Kot (Kaghan, Naran) of District Mansehra in KPK, Tharparker and Tehsil Umer Kot in Sind, District Rajanpur, Area of Cholistan Desert, Drawar Fort, Salamsar, Mojgarh and Dingarh of Punjab.
  2. 50% marks in FA/FSC for a serving Army soldier.


  1. A candidate is ineligible if he is twice rejected by ISSB/GHQ/NHQ/AHQ Selection Board or once rejected by ISSB and once rejected by GHQ/NHQ/AHQ Selection Board.
  2. Permanently declared UNFIT by Appeal Medical Board.
  3. Declared unfit by any Armed Forces Hospital except those cleared by Appeal Medical Board.
  4. Declared medically unfit due to Hepatitis B & C (cannot request for Appeal Medical Board).
  5. Dismissed/removed/debarred from Government Service including Armed Forces.
  6. Withdrawn from any Academy / Training Institution of Armed Forces on any ground.
  7. Withdrawn from any bonded Armed Forces college/institution on disciplinary grounds.
  8. Convicted in a Court of Law for an offence involving moral turpitude.



It is the first step for selection in Pak Army, every candidate must pass this test only after that he can move to next step. Intelligence test includes English, Maths, Pak Studies, Islamiat and General Knowledge.


Physical test is second step for selection which includes;

  1. 1.6 Km Run – 8 minutes
  2. Push Ups – 15 repetitions in 2 minutes
  3. Sit Ups – 20 repetitions in 2 minutes
  4. Chin Ups – 3 repetitions in 2 minutes
  5. Ditch Crossing – 7’.4” x 7’.4” and 4’ deep.

It is the last phase of primarily selection. Candidates who passed both previous tests are going to be interviewed by AS&RC and short listed for ISSB test.

After that they will receive a call letter for ISSB from GHQ.